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Experiment runs on mac, doesnt run on windows, 'out of memory' error

Hi guys,

I'm having a very strange problem with my experiment. I programmed it on a mac and it works fine, but when trying to run in on a windows computer, towards the end of the experiment (after 2/3 of the items have been presented) it crashes and spits out an 'out of memory' error. I programmed it and am running it in the latest version of opensesame (3.2.5). I am running it using legacy, but I tried all other back-end settings and it still doesn´t work. In the experiment, participants frist see a video, then a sentence (presented in a self-paced reading manner), and then answer a question. The sequence is called 108 times. I tried converting the videos from mp4 to avi, the problem persists. I re-wrote the experiment from scratch on a windows -- still doesn't work. since I am starting to lose my mind here, it would be great if anyone had any thoughts on what could be going wrong! I am attaching a link to the experiment as well. Thanks a lot in advance!


  • Oh, and garbage collection is disabled (by default), I tried enabling it, still didn't work...

  • Does it occur also on other windows machines? I am not sure whether this could be it, but I vaguely remember that there used to be a problem with experiment that use many videos. Basically they get all opened, but never closes, which causes a memory error after a while. But I don't remember whether it was ever solved...

    sorry for not being of any better help.

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