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Combined feedback page

edited March 2019 in OpenSesame


I'm having some trouble in showing a final page at the end of my experiment. It basically consists of 3 sub-tests all of which give a % score in their perspective feedback pages. (all working fine) However I wish to add a page at the very end of the experiment to say something like

In experiment 1 you scored ___%

In experiment 2 you scored ___%

In experiment 3 you scored ___%

Ive tried using the [exp1_acc]% or [exp1 _accuracy]% but doesn't recognise as a variable. but thats what they are called Exp1, Exp2 & Exp3

seems like such a simple thing to want to do but giving me so much trouble. i admit this is my first time using the software so i may be being a little slow on the uptake or missed something glaringly obvious.




  • Hi Dan,

    The details depend on how your experiment is implemented, but in general I would say that you can store the feedback variables after each sub-test by assigning them to a different variable (one that won't be overwritten). For example, the following code in the run phase a Python inline_script right after the first sub-test should do the trick:

    var.subtest1_acc = var.acc

    And then you can refer to [subtest1_acc] later on, for example in a sketchpad.



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