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Dissertation Task - Attentional Blink


I am creating a variation attentional blink task. I followed the tutorial on creating the attentional traditional blink task here:

I made it where each target is a number (instead of one as a letter in original task). For different conditions, each number will be a different size. In the image below, you can see how I set up the sizes for each number (target) in the block loop.

I am novice in programming and not super knowledgable on more advanced approaches in OpenSesame.

This is the code that I put under in the inline script for the prepare tab (under "RSVP") to call the size from the block loop.

var.T1_Size == 'T1_Size'
var.T2_Size == 'T2_Size'

I am open to any advice. Attached below is the experiment that I have created if you would like to refer to it.

Thanks in advance,

slafko 😊


  • I tried this code to call the size of each target from the block loop table but still have no success.

    Any suggestions for pulling the size from my table?

    T1_Size_in_code = var.get(u'T1_Size')
    T2_Size_in_code = var.get(u'T2_Size')

  • Hi Slafko,

    there is not really a need to pull anything. You can just use `var.T1_Size` and `var.T2_Size` as variables as they are. If you want to use them in a `sketchpad` use them as [T1_Size] and [T2_Size].

    Does that make sense?


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