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[solved] Playing a list of audio files

edited February 2012 in OpenSesame

I'm running an auditory discrimination test. There are a couple of sound stimuli but the soundfile column only reads one.
How do I get the sampler to play them at random?
I am aware of the other discussion ( but I have no idea how to add a [soundfile] column to the loop.


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    Ok, I think I know how to add the add the [soundfile] variable to the loop. The variable is named stimulus and I keyed the file names (e.g. pair 0_0, pair 0_10) in the loop under variable. I get the error runtime error with the description:failed to load sample in sampler 'stimulus':openexp._sampler.legacy.init() the file 'pair 0_10' does not exist. What went wrong? Thanks.

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    Figured it out. I left out the .wav when I entered the files. Thank you for this tool!

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    Hi Xuan,

    Thanks you for your interest in OpenSesame. And good to hear you figured it out by yourself!


  • Hi, I know this thread is kinda old, but i'm encountering the same problem. I can't play the list of .wav sounds i have in my file pool. Could you help me? I created a "stimulus" column in the loop table and put the names of my sounds under the stimulus variable. But it still only calls the one sound, it doesn't go to the rest of the list

    Thank you in advance if you're taking the time to help !!

  • HI,

    Can you specify how exactly you are encountering the same issues? Can you give more details? Maybe share the experiment? Have you put the variable name in brackets (e.g. [sound_file]) in the sampler item to play the file?


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