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Error in OpenSesame Examples


Thank you very much for OpenSesame.

I'm running OpenSesame 3.2.8b1 on Ubuntu 18.04. I noticed that some examples with coroutines provided do not work well. The examples are:

-Go/NoGo Response Inhibition Task (

-stop-signal-task.osexp (

The issue occurs when running the experiment, when two keyboard responses are provided within a trial. The first keyboard response is correctly recorded within the current trial, while the second keyboard response is wrongly attributed to the following trial with a minimum response time (1 or 2 ms).

How is is possible to solve this, i.e. recording just the first keyboard response and discarding the second? The "flush pending key *" selection does not prevent this behavior.




  • Hi Alessio,

    I believe that this is a general problem with PyGame not flushing key-press events on Ubuntu. I'm not familiar with any workaround for this. But if you select the psycho backend (with PsychoPy), the issue should probably not exist. Is that right?



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