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[solved] Multiple video files crash

edited April 2013 in OpenSesame

I'm trying to build an experiment where I would show participants a serie of mini-videos (1-2 seconds). It worked very well when I tested it with 10-15 files but the real experiment has 500 of them. It is 800Mo total. When I try to load the experiment, the software crashes (no errors, it just stops working).
I guess it is because the experiment is too heavy. Is there something I could do to try to make it work ?

Thanks in advance !


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    If you have many files in the file pool, it will take a long time for OpenSesame to compress and save the experiment (and to uncompress and open it). Probably, OpenSesame doesn't really crash, it just takes very long to do this.

    However, you can also place your files in a subfolder of the experiment folder an simply refer to them by name, like so:


    This way you don't have to include your video files in the file pool.

    Hope this helps!


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    Thank you very much, it works very well now !

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