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JASP not available for Ubuntu 16.04


I'd just like to point out that JASP (through the jasp-uva/jasp ppa) is not available for the latest version of Ubuntu, 16.04, which was released a little over a month ago. Since 16.04 is a so-called long-term-support release, a lot of people will already have updated to it, thus losing JASP (like me). And I don't see any easy way to install JASP without using the PPA. (But maybe there is?)



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    @sebastiaan, jasp-uva PPA currently supports only the wily(Ubuntu 15.10) version. We will soon update the PPA with the xenial(Ubuntu 16.04) version.

    For time being, you can use JASP the following two ways

    work around
    [This is only a temporary method- you will need to reset when the ppa is updated with a xenial version]

    If you want to use JASP in Xenial, you can force-install ppa to use the wily version on your machine(I tested this on Kubuntu 16.04, so it should work fine). First add the repository (add-apt-repository)

    • in terminal, execute - sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jasp-uva/jasp
    • open "Software & updates"
    • navigate to "other software"
    • locate the check box - " xenial main" [only one will be checked, select that and click "Edit" button].
    • Change the 'Distribution' from "xenial" to "wily"
    • in terminal, execute - sudo apt-get update
    • in terminal, execute - sudo apt-get install jasp

    Let me know if it doesn't work

    [PS: when the ppa is updated with the xenial version, you will need to reset the distribution to xenial]

    2) You can clone the jasp-desktop repository from github and build it for ubuntu 16.04 on your machine. (there is a debian folder in that)

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