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BF excl vs. BF inclusion in Bayesian mixed ANOVA


I am brand new to conducting Bayesian analyses. I am following the Bayesian mixed anova example from the preprint (attached as Example 2). When I follow this exactly in my own dataset (attached Exp1_Bayes), I however get a BF excl instead of a BF inclusion. Why do I get this BF excl instead of the BF inclusion? How do I interpret this BF excl?

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  • The reason you have and exclusion BF is that you have - under Bayes Factor - marked BF01. If you want the inclusion BF mark BF10.

    Note that these are reciprocal - BF01 = 1/BF10, and BF_inc = 1/BF_exc.

  • Thank you for the response. I noticed in the example 2 mixed avnova they use BF01 and still get a BF inclusion table. Is this a mistake in the example 2 then? When do you use BF10 vs BF01?

  • BF01 is just 1/BF10, so the same information is presented

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