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How to start OpenSesame

The first sentence of Step 1 of the beginner tutorial starts with "When you start OpenSesame, ..." but it doesn't say how to start the program. How do I do that?


  • Hi GregReese,

    Your question seems to indicate that your are not familiar with the computer environment. Is it right ?

    Did you already download and install the OpenSesame program on your computer ?



  • Hi Gérard,

    I installed OpenSesame with the command

    pip install python-opensesame

    As far as I can tell it installed. Now how do I run it?

    Thank you.

    Greg Reese

  • Hi Greg,

    I am sorry I can't help you further with the pip installation because I have installed the program with the Windows installer package.

    If you are using another operating system (Linux ?) you will need assistance from Sebastiaan and his colleagues.



  • Hi Gerard,

    I'm on Windows. Let me try installing it with the Windows installer package, as you did.

    Greg Reese

  • Gerard,

    Okay, I used the Windows installer package, found the filet opensesame.bat and when I run it, I get the screen shown in the beginner's tutorial. Does that sound correct?


    Greg Reese

  • Hi Greg, Yes, that sounds correct. From there you can open an existing experiment or start a new one. NOrmally, there should also be a shortlink somewhere in the Menu, so that you don't have to navigate to the bat file always.


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