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sharing experiments using open science framework

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I was wondering if it's possible to upload experiments I want to share
using Open Science Framework instead of GitHub




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    Hi Tali,

    That sounds very possible.
    In what context do you mean sharing? Do you mean to share with collaborators of projects, or to share with the OpenSesame community? The repository containing reference experiments will stay on GitHub and we have no plans switching to another service.
    If you just want to share experiments with people you are currently collaborating with, you could create a project on the OSF and add these people as collaborators to the project. This project will then also appear in their overview and will be visible in the OSF extension of OpenSesame.

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    Hi dschreij

    I have two versions of a vocal response experiment that can be useful for OS users,
    so I wanted to post them in the OS website (with the other examples for experiments).
    Is it possible to refer from the OS website to this folder?


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    I currently don't think it is, and the example experiments are Github-only, but we'll have to ask @sebastiaan what he thinks of this possibility.


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    We still haven't found a really satisfactory way for users to share experiments. There's the standard-tasks page on the documentation site, but I have actually removed it for the 3.1 documentation because I felt that it wasn't working well. And there are the examples included with OpenSesame, but I want to limit those to only a few, up-to-date, and high-quality examples.

    Perhaps it would be an idea to simply post links to experiments in discussions? For example by prefixing '[experiment]' to the title, or maybe even create a separate category for this. Or would that become too messy? What do you think?


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    I think the forum is not a good platform for this. It will be really hard to search for relevant posts (even when they are tagged with [Experiment] I think). If you do want to use the forum I think it is indeed best to create a separate category for this.

    It think that the OSF is a good platform to place your experiments on (it is what it is intended for in the first place), but then maybe we can create an overview page on the cogsci website on which we link to these experiments on the OSF and make this searchable using tipue search or something. I think it would be a bad practice to allow links to anywhere on the web. Links tend to die or become invalid after a while, so you will have to keep track of this and clean up all the dead links periodically. I think links to the OSF will be more robust.

  • That's a great idea dschreij!
    I'm sure that having examples of experiments can help all of us,
    especially new users

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    This is something that I did for the lab.
    The aim is to index experiments by their functions, like providing feedback per trial, or
    provide a break every X minutes, maybe we can do something like that (in OSF for example)?

  • I think this is a very important feature. I am switching over to OpenSesame from E-prime and would jump at the chance to share my experiments with the greater community.

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