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[open] labstreaminglayer possibe ?

edited November 2015 in OpenSesame

Dear all,

Is it possible to use labstreaming layer in opensesame ? LSL is an overlay network for real-time exchange of time series between applications, most often used in research environments. I need LSL to send triggers to a wireless EEG device. There is a python libary but I could'nt make it work with opensesame ? (see or

Many thanks for your help in advance..




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    Hi Cumhur,

    Generally, the inline_script item should be a sufficient medium to run any python code. I take it you do know how to work with inline_scripts?
    In any case, I'm not familiar with the LSL package, but there's certainly ways to send out EEG triggers from OpenSesame:

    Won't these do the trick?



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    Hello everybody!
    I am writing an experiment which is using OpenSesame on Android.
    For this experiment, I would like to use LSL for inter-APP communication. I successfully use inline scripts everywhere in my experiment and at the momemt I use UDP for communincation, which however is not the best solution for my use case.

    Yet, I did not find a way for OpenSesame to integrate the LSL library in the apk so that it can be used on the phone.
    Is there anything that I am missing, or is this simply not integrated so far?

    Many thanks in advance!

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