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Showing input from form_text_input in another sketchped

edited December 2015 in OpenSesame

Hi guys, i wanted to make an experiment with anchoring. For this experiment, i need to use input from participants and apply some kind of ponder to it, so i can present it to them again.
For example in first part of the experiment, participants have to guess the height of Eiffel Tower. In second part of the experiment i want to use that response and multiply it by 10, and ask them to rate something about it. So if i have 100 questions in first phase of experiment, im going to have 100 rating questions with pondered responses from participants. Those 100 questions from phase 1 and 100 questions from phase 2 have to be paired in a sense that Eiffel Tower question has to provide the number for particular rating question from phase 2.
I know i have to use inline_script but i just don't know how to write the right code for it, i tried several times but i didn't succeed.
Thank you so much in advance


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    I'm afraid your question is not specific enough. You say you don't know how to write code. How much experience do you have? Have you looked up some python tutorials on the internet?
    The central idea will be to create and alter variables, or more specifically, a list containing 100 elements. In every trial during the first session, the element in that list corresponding to the question number will be altered, and in the second session this altered element will be called. But really, you could go about it in many ways, so the question is what suits you best. What does your experiment look like so far?



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