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[solved] Display logic for question forms

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I have participants watch a video, afterwards I have them answer several questions about it. I am trying to set it so that based on their response to the first question (yes/no) they subsequently see two different sets of questions (each set of questions is embedded in a separate sequence). I tried to set the respective Sequence's display only if the response to the yes/no question was either yes or no. However, I'm not having any luck with this because I realized that I wasn't sure what to use since the multiple choice doesn't return a number value (I at first assumed that yes=1 no=0, is there a way to set it to this?). I have minimal coding experience and am doing this all through the GUI. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I'm happy to clarify if this is unclear.

Thank you!


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    If the two possible answers to give to the first question are indeed yes and no (case sensitive), the logic for the subsequent run-if statements will be:

    For the "yes" sequence:

    [response] = yes

    For the "no" sequence:

    [response] = no

    Note that here I assumed that the response variable in the corresponding form_multiple_choice item is set to response, and that this variable is not overridden by a subsequent item.


    Hope this helps!

    Good luck and let us know if you have any further questions!


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    Hi Lotje,

    Thank you, that's very helpful but unfortunately it's not working as of yet - I've created a mockup of what I have in the lab - on my computer at home: ( - please let me know if anything pops out that's clearly wrong. I tried playing around with having all the forms w/in a single sequence, but each one having the 'run if' categorization, but that also didn't work. Thank you again for your help!

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    Hi Lotje,

    I got it to work - thank you very much!


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