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Stop signal task on touch screen

edited April 2016 in OpenSesame


I'm working on a Stop-Signal Task adopted on touch screen device.

The design of the task is followed:
1. The targets are the arrow pointed to left/right direction, and the participant needs to press the "left" and "right" circles set at the left and right side of the screen as soon as they see the target arrow.

  1. The stop signal in this task is a cross image with red background, and it will be showed after a dynamic SSD followed by the target and last for only 350ms, and the target image will remain on the screen till the response or for the max. 3s.

I'm aware of a existing "coroutines" plug-ins that can be used to build the Stop-Signal Task.
However, the given plug-ins does not yet support touch_response function...

Besides the using of touch_response, I would like this task using the updating SSD (stop signal delay) during the experiment.
Therefore, I thought it might be possible to use the inline script to take all the elements into account.

I'm at a very beginning position creating this task and new in programming.
From the forum, I understood that using the mouse_response to replace the touch_response in the inline scripting, but I had no idea how to define/set the mouse_response in the script for participant to response to left/right buttons on the screen...

Hope this explained my question clearly.

I'm very appreciated any help and/or suggestion you can offer.

Many thanks,

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