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Self-Paced Reading/Judgment Task Experiment Help

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I'm trying to create a self-paced reading task and I'm having a hard time trying to grasp the concepts and how to do it.
What I want to do is present the participants several passages of 2 sentences each, one sentence at a time.
The first sentence has a stereotype profession (female/neutral/masculine), and the second sentence is a continuation. The participants have to decide whether the continuation makes sense or not (so the continuation mentions either a woman or a man (feminine/masculine)).

The doctors were waiting for the blood results.
One of the men was famous in genetics.

I'm planning on presenting around 50 of these 2 sentenced passages, but as you can see, I have 2 Independent Variables (Stereotyped sentence (3 levels= female, neutral, masculine), and continuation (2 levels= feminine/masculine)

My DV would be the reaction times for each sentence and whether they identify the continuation as correct or not.

(I did look at the video tutorial and it was helpful in making me understand, but I still find it a bit confusing, perhaps because the stimuli is different)


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    Hi Fran,

    Did you make one of the tutorial experiments already? It is clear to me what you want to do, but if you don't have a specific question I can't just make the whole experiment for you. In essence, I think you need 3 lists, that contain sentences belonging to 3 respective conditions. Based on which condition you're in (defined by the loop item; see tutorials), you'll 'pop' a sentence from any one of those three lists and display it on a canvas (see, specifically the .text() function).

    Or maybe you want to use every sentence in every condition, and only change one word (men/women/doctors), in which case you'll just need one list of sentences and 3 lists of words.

    But yeah, first a tutorial I think!



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