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keybord response of multiple characters & response time for each single pressed button on keyboard

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for my experiment i want to present my participants a specific word (which is shown in random order), that they have to type in again. To do so i really need your help, because i am new to the software. My requirements for the experiment are, that after typing in the first letter of that presented word, the presented word must disapper. The participants have as much time as they want to type, after pressing "enter", the next word should appear...and so on. After 3 min, the first block musst stop.
For my evaluation of the data, i need the reaction time of each single pressed letter (or number) of one word, the reaction time of one trial (the whole word) and whether the response was right or false. I tried to create that exeriment several times, but at some points I am totally lost.


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    Did you already make a tutorial experiment? I'm afraid that I can't make the whole experiment for you, and I'll be better able to help you if you have more specific questions.



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    i watched the tutorials already, but i just started that program. Sure, you should not do the experiment for me. For me, the most important thing to know is how can i log the data, that i have the reaction time for each single pressed letter of one word. So far, i used the form_text_input which include the question and the stimulus.

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