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Esc function is not available in the lates version of OpenSesame

edited May 2016 in OpenSesame

I am running the latest version of Opensesame installed on my notebook with windows 8. When I run the program in each of the running modes (e.g., "Test run" or Run Full screen"), it runs well but I cannot stop the program (that usually done with Esc key). I come up with running "task manager" then and to end the Opensesame over there.

Please could kindly advice how to sort the problem? Is there anything wrong with my program or windows?

Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Masoud,

    Normally the esc key should work (but keep in mind that this will trigger a pause screen in newer versions of OpenSesame; from this pause screen you'll have to press Q to quit). The pause screen would pop up at the end of the current trial, so as not to disrupt your experimental manipulation / data collection. Could it be that you're trying to quit the experiment in the middle of a trial? (For a simple test of the esc key, try it in a new experiment that contains just a sketchpad).



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