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Failure to save the output of Multiple Choice questions

edited June 2016 in OpenSesame

Hello everybody,
I hope one of you can help me.
I need to understand what is missing in my questionnaire. I can see the outputs from all of the form_text_input questions, but not from the form_multiple_choice questions. I made a sequence for the questionnaire and put a logger at the end of all questions.
They do not appear under the response variable name that I gave.
Here is the code of one multiple choice questions with missing answers:

set timeout infinite
set spacing 10
set question "During your weekly leisure/recreation time, do you practice physical activities?"
set margins "50;50;50;50"
set form_var freq_pract_ltpa_week
set form_title "Question 3"
set description "Collects keyboard responses"
set button_text Ok
set allow_multiple no
set advance_immediately no
set _theme gray

Thanks for helping me once more!

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