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avi on background image

edited June 2016 in OpenSesame


I was reading the posts about videos but I couldn't find the answer yet.

Do I need to write a script if I wanted to put a smaller avi file (a talking face) on a larger background image?
Now OS can see it's an avi, it is at the right place, but it doesn't move.

I am very grateful for any help!


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    Hi Viola,

    It is possible, but at the moment it's very complex to realise and requires some technical wizardry (as in, you'll have to program a lot yourself). I aspire to make the video capabilities of OpenSesame more dynamic (for instance making it possible to embed videos in a Canvas, like you request here), but I will have to find the time to sit down for this one.

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    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks a lot for your answer! Although I am very much tempted to learn all the programming skills required for my experiments, I guess you'll be somewhat faster in solving the video problems. So please, let me know if you worked on the issue, and either way, I really like and am grateful for OpenSesame, so thanks for it.

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