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Exploratory Factor Analysis in JASP - Important parameters are not reported?

I conducted a factor analysis in JASP. The method seemed to have worked, however, I am missing important information how the analysis proceeds. What is the method of extraction (maximum likelihood, principle axis factoring, something else)? And what are the parameters chosen for this method? How many iterations were done? How were missing values treated?
Unfortunately, no helpfile for factor analysis exists (yet). Can I extract this information somehow?


  • Hi Duplex,

    I'll inform the team member who created the factor analysis. There were some earlier suggestions to document this better and expand on the functionality. I'll discuss this.


  • Thank you for your support, EJ! I am looking forward to your response.

  • We're working on it (or I should say, a student is working on it :-))

  • Any update maybe? No worries if not!

  • I'm sure this will take some more time. I'll make an inquiry as to the current state of play.

  • I played around with SPSS a bit and compared the results. It seems to me that the extraction method is principle axis factoring (PAF). Could this be true?

  • Possibly. I'm having a student write a manual entry on this analysis (and possibly extending it to include other methods as well)

  • Is a preprint available? ;)

  • Any update?

  • I'll Email the student now. We discussed this issue yesterday in the JASP team. It would also help if you made this an issue in GitHub, if you haven't done so already.

  • nope, but will do. thanks!

  • I am not giving up ;) Is there any news?

  • Thanks for not letting this go. I'll Email the student to request an update.

  • Hi EJ,
    is there any update? ;)

  • Well I am prodding people, as you are prodding me. But it will be more effective if you prod on our GitHub page, because then everybody in the team gets to see it

  • Ok, sorry, will do!

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