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Ending images in a loop with a keypress on PsychoPy Builder


I am creating a flicker paradigm on PsychoPy where I need image1 to be displayed, followed by a blank, image2, a blank again, image1 shown again and so on. I have put these two images in a loop, but I am unable to make my images display as I want them to. Is there any way to display a blank between image2 and image1?

Also, I would like to terminate the loop when the spacebar is pressed. I have inserted a Keyboard Component and have selected Force end of Routine however, the loop cycles back to image1 only after the spacebar is pressed. Is it possible to make my two images continuously cycle until a spacebar is pressed to end this routine?

All help is much appreciated.


  • Hi Charlie,
    I think all the of the loop items in opensesame need some sort of response, and are mostly used for a single trial. Attached an example of how a flicker could work using an inline script; make sure to check the timing though if stimulus duration and response time need to be very accurate, let me know if you have any questions, good luck

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