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Problem with not getting logs in serial port communication between PsychoPy and Emotiv TestBench

Dear community,

I am writing here with a hope that you will be able to help me with solving my problem. I am currently working with PsychoPy and Emotiv. I am trying to send a marker from python script to Test Bench.
I am using serial library, following both official specification ( and your helpful insights in other topics ( My problem seems to be of slightly different kind though. Python script does not give me any errors and it seems that the message is written successfully. However, I cannot see it in an Event log in Test Bench software. I tried using the same port with Paradigm software and Test Bench was able to register the signal from there. Do you have any suggestions what may be the source of this issue and how to deal with it?
Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


  • Hi Agata,

    Unfortunately, I can't really help here. I have never worked with Emotiv and Test Benches.

    Are you using Psychopy directly, or did you program your experiment in Opensesame with the psychopy backend? Did you try ask at the support of Emotiv?


  • Hi Eduard,

    I am using PsychoPy directly - I also wrote to Emotiv support, so I will share the response once I get it :).

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