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Sending triggers - different issues

Dear all,

I have several doubts about sending triggers from OpenSesame experiments to EEG recording system. So, I'll try to be brief and hopefully anyone might be able to help me. I really would appreciate any support....

  1. Using a parallel port: I have an experiment using the dlportio.dll through a Python inline script. Previously I was using a computer with Windows Xp, so I had downloaded the drivers for it, but now I'm gonna use Windows 10, and I don't know which drivers should I download, as just drivers up to Windows 7 are available in the website.

  2. Using a USB serial port: on the other hand, we have another experiment running in a laptop without parallel port, so we bought a c-pod device from CEDRUS, in order to get the triggers. Our EEG software is BrainVision, so we got the c-pod for it. When we install the drivers I realize this device emulates a serial port. So, I don't know how to deal with this situation now, since I have all my Python code with the dlportio.dll. My specific questions are:

  • should I change all my code to set a serial port? how?
  • it is possible just to change the port address (e.g from 888 port, to COM4 port) and not to change the rest of the code?
  • is there any specific code form CEDRUS to use with OpenSesame?

Summing up, I'm really lost here, specially because I'm not very skilled programming in Pyhton (not in other languages either :smile: ). I had a lot of help form a friend to got my experiments done one year ago, but he is not available now to help me with this, so I'm asking for help here, as I think it is the best place to do it ;)

Thank you in advance, and congratulations for this amazing program.


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