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Recording computer's real-time in milliseconds

Hi all!
I'm synching my OS experiment with an external device, off-line.
Therefore, I would like to record (in milliseconds) the exact timing of different parts of my experiment, according to my computer clock. For example, knowing that the stimuli was presented at: 09:25:07.859588 will allow me sample the external device in this particular time.

I've found this command:
import datetime var.TimeResp = datetime.datetime.time(
I tried to add an inline scripts prior to every part i'm interested in, but calculating the timing afterward seemed to be unreliable (roughly ±150 msc than what it should have been).

Any better ideas?



  • Hi SH,

    Well, the timing is reliable, but the way you compute it, causes the problems? How did you calculate the timings? Can you give more information? Then, we can find out whether there is some delay somewhere.


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