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Good afternoon,

Would there be any simple way to select the correct answer with an image? Preferably without using form.

Thank's and apologize my english.


  • Hi there,

    am I assuming correctly that participants should click on one of the images to indicate their response?

    If so, one option is to use the mousetrap_response item to define clickable areas on a sketchpad, that is, a rectangular area around each image. If a participant clicks on the corresponding area, this is recognized as a response and coded accordingly. You can also define which response is correct in the mousetrap_response item.

    Mousetrap is a plugin that needs to be installed first (see here) (please be sure to install the development version in case you are using the most recent version of OpenSesame). The mousetrap_response item is documented here. Mousetrap also continuously tracks participants mouse movements (you can ignore the details there and unselect that feature if you are not interested in this data).



  • Add on: In new versions of OpenSesame and mousetrap, you can now also use named elements to define buttons (see steps 2 and 3a in the mousetrap_response documentation). Currently this only supports rectangle elements on sketchpads (we will add support for images later), so you would have to draw a rectangle around each image as the button border and name it.

    Alternatively, you can directly use the ROI feature for mouse_response items that was introduced in OpenSesame 3.2.

  • Ty so much Pascal. :)

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