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SMI hardware upgrade

Sorry, this is not about OpenSesame per se, but about the experimental setting. I figure there may be people in this forum who have experience relevant to updating an old SMI iViewX PC for the Hi-Speed column.
SMI still stick by their dire warnings that any changes to the hardware or operating system (we need to switch from Windows XP to 7) may affect "the eye tracking stability and eye tracking performance". But their support for hard- and software has been discontinued anyway, and the PC is on its last legs, so we don't really have a choice. Thanks in advance for sharing any experience you may have!


  • Hi @lindatovar,

    The link you posted has been removed for being seemingly completely unrelated. If your account is genuine (i.e. not a bot or human spammer), please do feel free to outline why you think that particular URL should be included.

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