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How to analyse tobii data and/or add columns to the .tsv file?

Hi everybody,
I'm using tobii spectrum 600 for an eye-tracking study, the data output looks like the picture below:

As pygazeanalyser seems not having a tobiireader, I turned to eyetrackingR package in R. However, the eyetrackingR requires other columns like participant columns and trial columns. How can I solve this problem?
Or anyone has a better suggestion from me to analyze tobii data? (like getting the dwell time within an area of interest)


  • Any information will be helpful, thank you, guys!


  • edited January 2019

    I haven't used eyetrackingR before (tho I am planning to). But I have used other toolboxes (e.g TimeStudio, GazeAlyze), and I think it should be very similar.

    My understanding is that with regards to participant info, each .tsv output will ideally correspond to a different participant, so, I would just create a separate column in each .tsv file and input the participant number there.

    Regarding the trial, if you logged this information during the recording, this should appear in the column **event**.
    You should at least have a start recording message for each trial, and that would have been logged in the events column as well.

    If eyetrackingR needs this info to be on a separate column then just create another column and copy the trial info from the events column.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi @heliocuve

    Thank you for your suggestion, that's really helpful! I have already added the columns in R and eyetrackingR works well :smile: I will check TimeStudio and GazeAlyze.

    I am new to Python and R, you are really helping me moving forward, thanks again!


  • Glad it's working. Actually TimeSTudio and GazeAlyze are Matlab toolboxes, so although the toolboxes themselves are free and opensource, Matlab is sadly not. I think Python and R are definitely the way to go in the long run.


  • hey @GEYUQING since you are also using tobii, wondering if you have had any problems with the message logs? such as the messages or data being logged in the wrong columns??



  • Hi, @heliocuve, that did happen occationally! This caused trouble when I analyse data, and I had to fix it manually. I haven't figured out what's going on, any idea?



  • The "two data, one line" issue should now be resolved!

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