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logger in excel

How can i set each of the multiple loggers to start at the horizontal cells of .csv.
All i want to do is for my variables to have headers!


  • Hi,

    I don't understand. You want only the headers to be written, and no values? I'm not sure whether this can easily be done with Opensesame. But during postprocessing, e.g. in excel or python pandas, you can just read the header instead of the entire dataset.


  • Hi Eduard!

    Thanks for your time.
    I have loggers throughout my experiment, that log different variables.

    It seems that each logger will start on a new line (as I see it in csv) and each time add as much columns as the variables it logs. In other words, each logger orders its variables horizontaly and logs verticaly.

    Yet loggers are ordered verticaly (between them) and only the first logger has headers (the names of the variables it logs)

    Is there a way to print the names of the rest of the variables?

    PS. I also undertand that a logger will log variables with alphabetical order (horizontaly) regardless of the order you have set it. Could this be the "set auto_log yes/no"


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