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sockets (failure to bind them in PyGaze)


I've succeeded in connecting my Windows 7 stimulus computer and Windows XP SMI eyetracker, but when I run PyGaze Init in OpenSesame, I get this error:

Exception: Error in libsmi.SMItracker.init: establishing connection failed; BIND_SOCKET: failed to bind sockets

Someone else had a similar question 3 years ago, when PyGaze support for SMI was experimental, but there wasn't really a solution then. And now there's no one at SMI to contact. Has anyone come up with a remedy since?




  • Hi Russell,

    What are the IP address and send/receive ports that you're using?

    Specifically: Are you running the experiment on the same computer that is running iViewX, or are you running it on a different computer that is connected via an ethernet cable?



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