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Opensesame online behavioral experiment - that includes questionnaires

edited April 2019 in OSWeb


I build an experiment via opensesame where subjects will be asked to make large number of decisions . I want the participants to carry out this experiment online - not in the laboratory. In addition, I need the subjects to answer several different personality questionnaires.

Is there a way to integrate such a structure comfortably? It seems to me that organizing information in opensesame forms might be a little less convenient than qultrics for example. Is there a way to create a qualtrics questionnaire and embed a link to an opensame experiment?

Thank you!



  • Dear Inon,

    It is possible to combine Qualtrics and OSWeb (although not the latest version of OSWeb yet) together. I have done that in such a way that the OSWeb library becomes a part of the Qualtrics Question page. It requires some Javascript programming and you need a server location to store the OSWeb Javascript files, but when set up it works quite well.


    Jaap Bos

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