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Grammaticality Judgment and Correction Task?

edited June 12 in OpenSesame

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to design an experiment. I managed to design a task where every sentence appears on the screen for a proper time and a participant has to decide whether the sentence is correct or incorrect.

The second part should be the following: every sentence the participant judged as incorrect should appear again on the screen at the end of the experiment and the participant has to correct it.

How can I design this part that every sentence judged as incorrect appear again on the screen? Anyone?

I'll be glad to hear any answer..:)



  • Hi Aleksandra,

    You can add an inline_script to the sequence of the first part, in which the sentence is added to a stimulus list if participants judged it as incorrect. Once this part is over, you can then use that list as source input for the second part of the experiment.

    Does that make sense?


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