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Integrating OSWeb as a JATOS Component

Hi erveryone,

I am trying to integrate a OSWeb study as one component of a labjs JATOS study but haven't had much luck so far. The goal is to host a normal questionnaire as one component that participants work on first and then add an additional component that should be the OSWeb task. How can I set this up? The import of the two separate studies works - I tried combining the files from the .zip folders in a new .zip folder with different subdirectories plus adjusting the jason file but JATOS keeps informing me that the study is invalid. Do you have any tips/advice for debugging or solving that problem?

Thank you!


  • Hi Sophie,

    That’s a common misconception: you should not create a zip file by zipping it by hand - you should instead do it by Exporting a study from JATOS.*

    To combine two zipped studies into two components, you could do the following:

    1- Import the into JATOS. You should get one study with a single component. Identify the folder in your local computer where these study assets are.

    2-Import the into JATOS. On the component bar, click on More> Export Properties. Save this file on your (e.g.) Desktop.

    3-In the first study, go to Components>Import Properties. This will create a new component in your first study, with the correct properties, including the HTML/JS file that actually runs your study.

    4-Unzip your on your (e.g.) Desktop. Identify the HTML file that corresponds to your component, created in OSWeb. Move this file to the study assets of the labjs one. If you have css files and other assets, move that too-.

    5-Now you have one study with two components. Note that you will likely need to modify the JavaScript code itself in the first component. It will probably have a line that reads jatos.endStudy. You'll have to replace it with jatos.startNextComponent (see here for more details

    6-Export your study (with two components) as a single .zip file by clicking on Export on the study bar

    This sounds complicated but is actually rather simple. If you have problems, let us know


    *In the latest JATOS release we changed the extension .zip to .jzip, with the hope that lesss people will be tempted to create a .zip file by hand.

  • Thank you, Elisa, for this detailed explanation - it worked perfectly!

  • Hi!

    I have the same issue but can't seem to make it work. I create a simple questionnaire using lab.js and exported it. I was then able to import it in JATOS and it runs ok.

    I also have another study exported from OSWeb that works in JATOS. However, I cannot combine the two as per your guidelines above. Specifically:

    3-In the first study, go to Components>Import Properties. This will create a new component in your first study, with the correct properties, including the HTML/JS file that actually runs your study.

    When I do it, I need to choose a file to import. I can then import my OSWeb/opensesame experiment

    4-Unzip your on your (e.g.) Desktop. Identify the HTML file that corresponds to your component, created in OSWeb. Move this file to the study assets of the labjs one. If you have css files and other assets, move that too-.

    I can unzip it but I am not sure what you mean with "move this to the study asset". Also, I don't seem to have the HTML file..

    Am I missing something?

    Thank you!

  • Hm, let's see.

    Point 3 is dependent on Point 2. Were you able to export the properties of the OSWeb component, and save the properties file as .jac file on your Desktop? You have to click More>Export on the component bar. The .jac file is what you need to import on Step 3.

    Here'a a screenshot of how that would look on a different study with more components, but it should be illustrative nevertheless

    And Point 4 is dependent on Point 1:

    Your study assets is on your JATOS installation folder. For example, if I run JATOS locally (and I recommend you do too, to combine components from two studies), my study folders are all in /Applications/jatos/study_assets_root. Within the study_assets_root folder you should see the folder that corresponds to your study. (That was point 1).

    What are the contents of your unzipped OSWeb study? You should have an HTML file...



  • Hi !:)

    I have a questionnaire and an osweb component in an online study in Jatos. I did everything as suggested above and it works. Thank you for the good instructions!!! However, one of my loops in the osweb experiment has an error for some participants. Is it possible to keep the same link of the study, but change the osweb component with a new one?

    Thank you!:)

  • The short answer is yes. Even if you update the study scripts, the link to it will remain the same.

  • Hi,

    I am trying to do a similar thing but with 2 differnt OSWEB expriements. The experiment uses images so the file is really big. I want to chop it into 4 different OSEWEB experiements and add them as components in Jatos.

    I followed the guidance above and got a contsent form and an OSEWB experiement set up and running but I can't replicate with multiple OSWEB studies. When I add the second component, it just runs the first component.

    Is there a way to change the file path of the second component? The image below show the properties of the second component and the folder of the study asset is for the first component. Can I change this?

  • Hi Skilli!

    You can't change the first part of you path, but you can change everything afterwards including adding subfolders. You could put each of your OSWeb experiments into its own subfolder, e.g. exp1, exp2, .... And each subfolder will have its own index.html. Then the first component's file path is exp1/index.html, second's exp2/index.html and so on.



  • I'll give it a go. Thanks @kri

  • Hi @kri

    I got stuck at the first hurdle. I can't change the path. I have tried with and without / in front of part 1. I get a "Not valid path or filename" error.

    Here is the total path.

    C:\jatos_win_java\study_assets_root\e12584feb975ad3caca705242b36e575\part 1\index.html



  • I just tried on and there it works. I see yours is on windows. Can you try without the space, just 'part1'?

  • That worked, thank you! However, the OSWEB study does not load as a second component.

    I just get the following screen. Frozen. It workes fine as a first component but not as a second component. So Close!

  • Hi, I suspect that is because (maybe) OSWeb uses jatos.endStudy at the end of the code. Can you open and edit your javascript? In that case, look for the call to

    jatos.endStudy() and replace it with jatos.startNextComponent()

    If this works, let us know. We'll ask the OSWeb developers to include the startNextComponent function by default, which will finish the study if there is no next component.


  • @Skilli This happened to me as well (several times) and it might be that the browser you are using is not compatible with the experiment. Try a different one. This solved my problem. However, many people that wanted to participate in the experiment had an older version of their browsers and ran into the same propblem. Hope this helps

  • edited September 2020

    Hi @elisa

    Thanks for the reply. I am very new to all this JAVA and HTML.

    The first component works great and the Jatos.js file associated with that component does have  jatos.startNextComponent() in it.

    I have set up a new study with the second component as the first and only component and it works.

    It doesn't work when the assests of the second comonent are included in a subfolder of the first component (as suggested by @kri above)

    Component 1.


    Component 2.


    Should I take my query to the OSWEB forum?

    Many thanks


  • Hi, I don't think Kristian's suggestion was having the assets as a subfolder. The .html and assets for both components should be at the same level. OSWeb produces a single HTML, always names the same way (index.html), so you'll have to rename those files in order to have them both in the same folder. I don't *think* this will lead to problems with the rest of the OSWeb folder, but I might be missing something.

    So it should look something like this:

    Component 1's HTML path:

    C:\jatos_win_java\study_assets_root\PrimingPractice\index_component1.html (Choose a more informative name that reflects what your component actually does!)

    Component 2's HTML path:


    To be clear, you'll have to change both the filename and the filepath in the JATOS components' properties.

  • @maj_zmaj thanks for the suggestion. I have tried in explorer/edge, chrome and firefox all most recent versions but no luck.

  • Eli's way might work but I was talking about a subfolder for each component and in each subfolder you will have one OSWeb experiment.

    In your file system (you can change the naming of 'exp1' and 'exp2':



    1. Copy-paste all files from the first OSWeb experiment into 'exp1' subfolder
    2. Copy-paste all files from the second OSWeb experiment into 'exp2' subfolder
    3. In JATOS go to your study -> first component -> properties: change 'HTML file path' to `exp1/index.html`
    4. In JATOS go to your study -> second component -> properties: change 'HTML file path' to `exp2/index.html`

    If this doesn't work, you can send me both of your studies and I can have a look.

  • Thanks for the clarity @kri . I have tried the method you suggest and created a seperate folder, within the study root folder, for each component (practice and stage1)



    However, this doesn't work and I just get a blank scree with a missing openseasme figure.

    I tired @elisa method and inlcuded both index files and OSWEB files for both components in the study root folder (see image) and it works.

    Many thanks both.


  • Hi @kri

    Although Elisa's method works, I can see the advantage of having studies in subfolders so I would appreciate your offer of trying to get it to work. The files are too big to add as attachments so here is a onedrive link with the 2 components of the experiemnt. I have inlcuded the opensesame files and the OSWEB zip folders.

    many thanks.


  • Hi Deiniol,

    I uploaded your combined study to your OneDrive: the file posLeft.jzip. Please check that everything is correct, e.g. I think I missed to copy your study's comments. Apart from that, I think, it works. The trick was to use the path with subfolder in the index.html. So instead of

    <script src="js/osweb.1.3.8.bundle.js" type="text/javascript">

    one had to use

    <script src="13111d9d7b8cbaa90b55dc4c0192d659/js/osweb.1.3.8.bundle.js" type="text/javascript">



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