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Extracting BFs from anovaBF or any Formal class BFBayesFactor object


I am using BayesFactor to run an ANOVA:

model<- anovaBF(dif ~ cond * exp, data=df)

The output appears in the console, but if I want to save it as an object, then the object class for this object is a "Formal class BFBayesFactor". What I need is to extract only the BF10 for a given line, so that I could save this as a row in a new dataframe (this is because I want to run the model on 1000 simulated data sets and see how many of them show an effect of a given size...).

I can get one of the slots of the Formal class object by using @ (e.g. model@bayesFactor). However, the values in the bayesFactor slot do not correspond to the values printed in the console.

How do I get access to the values that are printed in the console?

Thanks in advance,



    edited December 2019

    You can use as.vector():

    result <- anovaBF(RT ~ shape*color + ID, data = puzzles,
             whichRandom = "ID", progress = FALSE)
    #> Bayes factor analysis
    #> --------------
    #> [1] shape + ID                       : 2.840104 ±0.84%
    #> [2] color + ID                       : 2.841925 ±1.48%
    #> [3] shape + color + ID               : 11.43469 ±1.23%
    #> [4] shape + color + shape:color + ID : 4.873394 ±10.38%
    #> Against denominator:
    #>  RT ~ ID 
    #> ---
    #> Bayes factor type: BFlinearModel, JZS
    #>            shape + ID            color + ID 
    #>             2.840104             2.841925 
    #>        shape + color + ID shape + color + shape:color + ID 
    #>            11.434689             4.873394

  • This works, thank you for such a swift and helpful response!


    Now maybe you could also answer a more conceptual question?

    My own dataset gives inconclusive results for my effect of interest (BF10 = ~2).

    A reviewer asked how many participants I would have to add to cross my desired strength of evidence (BF10>3), and suggested I run simulations. I thought it makes sense to create a larger sample by creating a fake dataset with the same betas as my actual regression (which I obtained from a non-bayesian analysis):

    # Set coefficients
    alpha = -1.3091
    beta1 = .0556
    beta2 = -1.8874
    beta3 = 6.0730
    # Generate 100 trials
    A = c(rep(c(0), 50), rep(c(1), 50)) # '0' 100 times, '1' 100 times
    B = rep(c(rep(c(0), 25), rep(c(1), 25)), 2) # '0'x50, '1'x50, '0'x50, '1'x50
    e = rnorm(100, 0, sd=1) # Random noise, with standard deviation of 1
    # Generate data using the regression equation
    y = alpha + beta1*A + beta2*B + beta3*A*B + e
    # Join the variables in a data frame
    data = data.frame(cbind(A, B, y))
    # Fit a regression
    model = generalTestBF(y ~ A*B, data=data)

    Now, if I increase the number of rows in my fake data set (let's say from 100 to 300), the strength of evidence should logically increase, am I right? Or maybe it doesn't have to? Because when I do that I get more or less the same result (~700 of my fake datasets give a result around BF10~3, and the rest give a BF~2). Maybe it's my NHT logic at work and it doesn't work this way for a Bayesian analysis?

  • Generally, BFs are suppose to converge to the "truth" as N increases. So I depends what "truth" your betas are closer to, I guess.

    For determining N, you might also be interested in

  • Well, according to the references on the BDFA page (thank you!!) the evidence should become more conclusive as I increase sample size (either towards H1 or H0, but it should still change). So I must be doing something wrong somewhere.

  • Hi Naomi,

    In general, asymptotically, and on average (!), increasing sample size leads to more conclusive BFs. But for a specific data set, a BF might become less compelling as N grows (up to a point). Also, the BFs may increase (again, on average) only slowly, depending on the details of the model specification -- if the data show a whopper of an effect, evidence will initially increase steeply, but if the effect is modest the change is evidence may only be noticeable for a large increase in sample size.



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