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Working with keyboard in coroutine

Hi there!

Here is a part in my experiment which doesn't work.

for a reason i'm not fully understand the variable "response_KeyboardPre" is always None.

this is how the keyboard is configured:

The "Time" variable is coming from the loop "TimeLoop" and varied from trial to trial.

help please?


  • Hi,

    Right now, you've specified that KeyboardPre ends after 0 ms :smile:. If you set the End Time to [Time]. you will find that it collects key presses for the duration of the coroutines.


  • Thank you Sebastiaan so much!

    Now the "response_KeyboardPre" is updating and yet it doesn't recognize correct response when I press 'g' (please see the configurations in my picture above). what am I doing wrong?


  • Hi,

    Are you sure it doesn't work? I just quickly copied your settings and tried myself, and it seems to work.
    Maybe you need to remove the "" around the allowed_keys, like that f;g;h

    You know?

  • edited June 2017

  • Hey eduard,

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Unfortunately it doesn't work for me. I couldn't find any way in which I use two buttons for correct response and the variable "correct_KeyboardPre" is giving 1.

    maybe the problem is in my computer?
    Though it's really basic, I'm attaching my file here as I'm really don't know what to do..

  • Hey,

    Nope, your computer is fine. The problem is that Opensesame can't handle two keys being passed as correct_response. I don't think this is intended, right @sebastiaan? As far as I remember it did work in the past, though?

    At any rate, until this is fixed (in case it will be fixed), you can compute your accuracy yourself. It's quite simple:

    correct_keys = ['f','g'] if response in correct_keys: correct = 1 else: correct = 0

    Hope this helps.


  • I don't think this is intended, right @sebastiaan? As far as I remember it did work in the past, though?

    No that never worked. But clearly it would be convenient, so I opened an issue for it.

    Regarding the code, don't forget the var. before response!

    correct_keys = ['f','g']
    correct = 1 if var.response in correct_keys else 0


  • Thank you Sebastiaan and Eduard!!!

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