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"Response" different than text displayed on checkbox

Is there a way to have an output (aka "response") different than the "text" on a checkbox?
Some sort of hidden value.


  • Hi,

    Could you elaborate? What item are you talking about, and hidden in which way and which purpose?


  • My checkbox answers are "True" and "False" but I need that the logger saves 0 when False and 1 when True.
    Thx :D

  • Btw I think the answer is: use coding

  • Yeah, if you need to recode them during the experiment, you can add an inline_script after the form with some if statements like this:

    if var.response == 'True':
        var.response = 1 # alternatively define a completely new variable
    elif var.response == 'False':
        var.response = 0

    But if you don't need this for the experiment, you can easily change that during the data analysis.


  • thx! :)

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