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Customizing forms/questionnaires

I am starting programming a simple experiment with opensesame.I have watched your tutorials but afraid I need some help. I am dealing with the form options. I need to ask the participant a question such as " Please, type the code of the sample". The only possible responses options are three. I want to restrict the response to these three options and not let the code run if the participants type the wrong answer. How can I program this? So far, I am playing with the default form templates and I have installed questionnaires pluging (which by the way fails to load the pluging) but it doesn't´ work. I don´t find the way to set the text_input to my criteria. Any suggestions? Thank you


  • Might be best to ask this in the OpenSesame forum then. I moved the topic for you.

  • Hi,

    I thought I was asking to the forum...where exactly did you sent it?

  • It is now moved to the OpenSesame forum. You posted it in the Expyriment forum, which is also hosted on this website.

  • Hi!

    This web helped me figure out how to limit "accepted" characters for text input. The caveat is you need to build the form via an inline script.

    However, since you want to "exit" the program in case the subject selects a certain code, (I think) you will need to use the inline script anyways.

    The code would be something like this:

    if var.VARIABLE == 'CODE':


    Hope this helps!


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