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OpenSesame 3.1.2 "Jazzy James" has been released

edited August 2016 in OpenSesame

About this update

OpenSesame 3.1.2 Jazzy James is the second maintenance release in the 3.1 series. It contains bug fixes and minor improvements, and should be a pleasant and safe upgrade for everyone who is using the 3.1 series.

You can download it here:

If you are upgrading from OpenSesame 3.0 or earlier, please see the list of important changes:


Thanks to:

  • Amandine Rey (@amandinerey) for further updating the French translation.
  • Daniel Schreij (@dschreij) for various code contributions
  • Jarik den Hartog (@jarik) for spotting the broken help links
  • @alisdt for spotting and fixing the newline issue in variable names
  • Edwin Dalmaijer (@esdalmaijer) for his continued work on PyGaze

Bugs fixed

  • Redraw background of SKETCHPAD widget when necessary
  • Add font_size to canvas API docs
  • Fix deleting items by editing the item script
  • Preserve BR tags in right-to-left languages
  • Don't allow newlines at the end of a variable name (#438)
  • Fix response coding in TOUCH_RESPONSE plugin (#440)
  • Use correct pixel size in font preview


  • Show exceptions that occur when adding items through Append New Item button
  • French translation (fr_FR) updated
  • Fall back to main language if extended language is not available. For example, use fr_FR if fr_BE is not available.
  • Allow help urls to be specified in info.yaml
  • Use better placeholder icon in SKETCHPAD

Other updated packages


python-pygaze has been updated to 0.6.0a20, containing various fixes and improvements.


python-qdatamatrix has been updated to 0.1.7, fixing an issue with copy-pasting empty cells.

OpenSesame Windows Launcher

opensesame-windows-launcher has been updated to 0.4.1, fixing an issue with command-line arguments.

OpenSesame OSF extension

opensesame-extension-osf has been updated to 1.0.10, containing various fixes and improvements.


python-qosf has been updated to 1.1.7, containing various fixes and improvements.


mediadecoder has been updated to 0.1.5, fixing an issue with handling ImportErrors.

Detailed package information

Below is the package information used to build the Python 2.7 version for Windows.

name: opensesame_3.1.2-py2.7-win32-1
- cogsci
- defaults
- python==2.7.12
- anaconda-client=1.4.0=py27_0
- backports=1.0=py27_0
- backports_abc=0.4=py27_0
- bzip2=1.0.6=vc9_3
- clyent=1.2.2=py27_0
- arrow=0.7.0=py_0
- humanize=0.5.1=py_0
- oauthlib=1.0.3=py_0
- psychopy=1.82.01=py27_0
- pygame=1.9.2a0=py27_0
- pyglet=1.2.4=py27_0
- python-datamatrix=0.3.0=py27_0
- python-fileinspector=1.0.1=py_0
- python-opensesame=3.1.2=py_0
- python-pseudorandom=0.2.2=py27_0
- python-pygaze=0.6.0a20=py_0
- python-qdatamatrix=0.1.7=py_0
- python-qnotifications=1.1.0=py_0
- python-qosf=1.1.7=py_0
- python-qprogedit=4.0.3=py_0
- qscintilla2=2.9.1=py27_vc9_0
- requests-oauthlib=0.6.1=py_0
- webcolors=1.5=py27_0
- configparser=3.5.0b2=py27_1
- decorator=4.0.10=py27_0
- entrypoints=0.2.2=py27_0
- freetype=2.5.5=vc9_1
- functools32=
- get_terminal_size=1.0.0=py27_0
- ipykernel=4.3.1=py27_0
- ipython=4.2.0=py27_0
- ipython_genutils=0.1.0=py27_0
- ipywidgets=4.1.1=py27_0
- jinja2=2.8=py27_1
- jpeg=8d=vc9_0
- jsonschema=2.5.1=py27_0
- jupyter=1.0.0=py27_3
- jupyter_client=4.3.0=py27_0
- jupyter_console=4.1.1=py27_0
- jupyter_core=4.1.0=py27_0
- libpng=1.6.22=vc9_0
- libtiff=4.0.6=vc9_2
- markdown=2.6.6=py27_0
- markupsafe=0.23=py27_2
- mistune=0.7.2=py27_0
- mkl=11.3.3=1
- nbconvert=4.2.0=py27_0
- nbformat=4.0.1=py27_0
- notebook=4.2.1=py27_0
- numpy=1.11.1=py27_0
- openssl=1.0.2h=vc9_0
- pickleshare=0.5=py27_0
- pillow=3.2.0=py27_1
- pip=8.1.2=py27_0
- pyflakes=1.2.3=py27_0
- pygments=2.1.3=py27_0
- pyopengl=3.1.1a1=np111py27_0
- pyopengl-accelerate=3.1.1a1=np111py27_0
- pyqt=4.11.4=py27_6
- pyreadline=2.1=py27_0
- pyserial=2.7=py27_0
- python=2.7.12=0
- python-dateutil=2.5.3=py27_0
- pytz=2016.4=py27_0
- pyyaml=3.11=py27_4
- pyzmq=15.2.0=py27_0
- qt=4.8.7=vc9_8
- qtawesome=0.3.3=py27_0
- qtconsole=4.2.1=py27_0
- qtpy=1.0.2=py27_0
- requests=2.10.0=py27_0
- scipy=0.17.1=np111py27_1
- setuptools=23.0.0=py27_0
- simplegeneric=0.8.1=py27_1
- singledispatch=
- sip=4.16.9=py27_2
- six=1.10.0=py27_0
- sqlite=3.13.0=vc9_1
- ssl_match_hostname=
- tornado=4.3=py27_1
- traitlets=4.2.1=py27_0
- vs2008_runtime=9.00.30729.1=2
- wheel=0.29.0=py27_0
- yaml=0.1.6=0
- zlib=1.2.8=vc9_3
- pip:
  - cffi==1.7.0
  - expyriment==0.8.0
  - imageio==1.5
  - mediadecoder==0.1.5
  - moviepy==  
  - opensesame-extension-osf==1.0.10
  - opensesame-plugin-media-player-mpy==0.1.6
  - opensesame-windows-launcher==0.4.1
  - pycparser==2.14
  - python-bidi==0.4.0
  - sounddevice==0.3.3
  - tqdm==4.7.6
prefix: opensesame_3.1.2-py2.7-win32-1


  • In v 3.1 (including 3.1.2) for Windows: When I double-click the desktip icon for an osexp file I've created, the file doesn't open. Instead, OpenSesame launches and utomatically opens a new, default osexp file. Through trial and error, I figured out that I can open the file I want, but only by first launching OpenSesame and then using OpensSesame's FILE/OPEN dialog to open the file.


  • In v 3.1 (including 3.1.2) for Windows: When I double-click the desktip icon for an osexp file I've created, the file doesn't open.

    This was indeed a bug, however in 3.1.2 this should be fixed. Could you verify that you've actually updated to the stable release of 3.1.2?

  • edited August 2016

    Hi, recently attempted to install 3.1.2 for Windows onto a computer on which previous iterations have worked fine on. When I attempt to open either the application directly (opensesame.exe) or attempt to open an experiment directly, I see the following error:

        "See the logfile 'C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenSesame\opensesame.exe.log' for more details"

    The logfile has the following:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "opensesame", line 27, in <module>
    ImportError: No module named platform

    I was wondering if this was a known error, and if so, is there a fix? The installation seemed to work fine on my the other computer.

  • Wow, that's weird. it cannot find platform, which is a module included with Python by default, and which is properly imported. I have no idea what is causing this problem. Have you installed OpenSesame using the windows installer or are you using another type (portable, running from source, etc)?

    Buy Me A Coffee

  • This seems to be a problem with the Windows launcher, which is a dummy program that simply launches the actual OpenSesame program. If you start opensesame.exe from the Scripts subfolder, does it work?

  • An install problem:

    "John Sears commented on this incident on Tue 8/30/16 4:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

    Good Afternoon, Richard

    I have a quick question, would installing the 3.0.7 version of the installer be acceptable. I have been testing the 3.1.x versions available on their site, however, the silent installation flags that allow the software to be deployed do not function correctly in their installer files. 3.0.7 currently can be installed silently via deployment.

    If the 3.0.7 version is acceptable we can have the software deployed either today or tomorrow afternoon. If the newer version is a necessity it may take a bit longer as the software may need to be installed manually which may take longer to implement.

    Adam Sears"


  • Hi Sebastiaan,

    Do you expect that it will be possible in the future to run experiments on Ipads? We are currently using ipads for testing but will be adding new paradigms to our protocol. We're looking into the possibility of using OpenSesame for the new paradigms.


  • @andersony3k Thanks for pointing this out. I wasn't familiar with the silent installation flag until recently, but I'll see if I can (re)introduce it for 3.1.3.

    @Liselotte I'm afraid that there are no concrete plans to develop an iPad version. It's on our radar, of course, but we haven't given it priority because it seemed quite hard (whereas for Android it was easy).

  • @sebastiaan Sorry for taking so long to respond; yes, running opensesame.exe from the Scripts folder did work. Thanks!

  • Don't know whether this has been reported before, so not sure whether it is a new bug, but:

    When copying some cells from an Excel list that contain multiple rows of content for a variable, I can copy-paste this in the Windows version of OpenSesame to different rows in variable in a loop-element, but in OSX (10.10) all content of all copied cells gets pasted in one cell in the same loop-element.

  • @jsbenjamins Thanks for pointing this out! I filed an issue, and we're going to take a look at it.

  • Hi,
    @sebastiaan I have the same problem of @kabaacke. However I cannot open opensesame form the Scripts subfolder.
    Any suggestion?
    Many thanks

  • @Tania Could you provide some more details? What exactly happens, what operating system do you use, and which version of OpenSesame?

  • @sebastiaan Thank you for your answer.
    Well, my operating system is Windows 7. I downloaded Opensesame 3.1.2 Jazzy James. I tried with version 3.0.0 but the same problem happened.
    I cannot open Opensesame. When I tried from Program Files(x86)/Opensesame, an error message said to me to verify the error in opensesame.exe.log.
    The error is:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "opensesame", line 27, in
    ImportError: No module named platform

    When I try to open the program from Scripts subfolder nothing happens.

  • I'm looking for where to deposit experiments built in OpenSesame 2.9 that no longer work in OpenSesame 3.0. This is the link:

  • Hi Frouke,

    This is a question that comes up every now and again, but we don't have a satisfying solution yet. For now, you could attach it here to a forum post, or upload it to FigShare/ OSF and post a link here.

    Ideally there would be a dedicated repository, but this would have to be designed so that it is actually useful, and doesn't require too much maintenance. And we don't have that yet.


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