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selecting values within a variable

edited March 2016 in JASP & BayesFactor


I am using JASP for the first time. Sorry for the naive question: is there a way to select certain values within a variable? for example: I want to see the changes in value of an ordinal variable, from 0 to 4, along the trials within an experiment. I do not want the program to take into account when the values = 0.

Thanks for the help!



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    Hi Anza,

    This is not currently possible in JASP, unfortunately. If you want to analyze a subset of your data, you need to

    1. Open the data file in a spreadsheet (LibreOffice or Excel, for example);
    2. Remove the rows that you want to exclude;
    3. Save the data under a different name; and then
    4. Open this new file in JASP to do the analysis.

    A bit of a hassle, but it works.


  • EJEJ
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    Yes, data-editing is one of the major jobs on the JASP to-do list.

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    Thanks a lot for the help Sebastiaan!!

    EJ, I am happy to hear that :)

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