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  • Very strange. Yeah I tried changing to legacy too but it's still doesn't solve it (although the experiment does run more smoothly now!). I uploaded the adjusted file to the google docs folder in case you will be willing taking another look and see i…
  • Hi Eduard, Thank you for the useful advises. I made the corrections as you suggested. However, the image still does not grow/diminish when you press a key before the stop-signal appears in stop trials (even after setting the sampler duration to…
  • Hi Eduard, Thank you for helping out, the experiment file it uploaded here as it's too large to share on the forum; https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzmgRtcHcc0FTFVYT09nQnd6cHM?usp=sharing Yes, you understood correctly. In all trials…
  • here's the error message ; The experiment did not finish normally for the following reason: Unexpected error Details item-stack: experiment[run].Experimantal_loop[run].Experimemtal_Block[run].Block_loop[run].Trial_sequance_1[prepare].Pictu…
  • Hi Eduard, so - I placed all the picture files at the correct folder and run them randomly, and after some adjustments it started running pretty much as it should. the main problem is that after about 50-60 trials the experiment stops and gi…
  • Hi Eduard, I've been trying to place my pictures in the same folder as the experiment, but within the opensesame folder on my computer there are no folders which contain my experiment. Trying to trace the source of the pool folder leads me to C…
  • Hi Eduard, Thank you so much for your response, I will try and run it as you suggest and let you know if it is solved. Thank you ;;)