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  • Hi Kri, Thank you for your answer. I will try to run them in different components in JATOS. Best regards, Lucie
  • Hi VKT5430, Try this if the response concerns a selection (chekbox or oher): [response]= u'no' or this if it concerns text input: [response]= u'' Best regards, Lucie
  • OK, thank you for this solution! Best regards, Lucie
  • I actually didn’t have the latest version... I will try because I need it. I will let you know if I make it. Another question: Is it possible to have the same visual rendering on the browser as on the computer? browser: http://forum.cogsci.nl/uploa…
  • Hi Eduard, Thank you very much for your help. It works now. Best regards, Lucie
  • Hi Sebastiaan, It is your second suggestion, I want people to be able to run the experiment in a browser. I am sorry but I do not find the "inline_javascript" item on OpenSesame. Could you help me? I will also share the experiment(that is…
  • Hi Kri, Thank you for your help. Best regards, Lucie
  • Hi Sebastiaan, I edited the experiment and I want to put it online. I understand inline_script must be inline_javascript but how? Thank you for your help, Best regard, Lucie http://forum.cogsci.nl/uploads/952/4DGY1YPMFKE7.jpg
  • Sorry, my answer mst be on "opensesame" discussion. Best regards Fladd.
  • Hi Fladd, After reading a text, the participant answer a question of understanding. For this, I use the "form multiple choice" item. During the training phase, I want to let the participant know if they answered correctly or not with a g…
  • Hi Sebastiaan, Thank you so much. I look and contact you again if necessary. When it is done, the implemented test can be shared by example experiments? Best, Lucie
  • Hi Sebastiaan, The user will draw the line with the mouse or with a finger on a touch screen. Thank you for your answer. Lucie
  • Hi Edwin, Thank you so much for your answer. Now, everything works as wished Best regards, Lucie
  • Hi Edwin, Thank you for our answer. The repetition of sounds works now with your script. But the names of variables in my loop do not work. My construction is like '[story]_[sound].wav' . Could you help me for that ? Thank you in advance …
  • Hi Lotje, I'm sorry for my previous post but I managed to solve my problem. Best, Lucie
  • Hi Lotje, Thank you for your example. I start using OpenSesame. I looked at your script, but I have a question (this is important for my experiment): I want to know if it is possible to make a "supra" list for that a target (image + sound) is h…
  • Hi Sebastiann, Thank you for your answer. I'm really interested in this development so I would be happy to know when it will be possible. nice evening
  • hi everybody I'm not sure I understand. You have created a script to put on line a project by OpenSesame? I would like to create an online experience, I know a bit of Python but not Java. OpenSesame software seems easy enough to use. I wonder if …