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  • Hi Eduard, Thanks for the advice. I tried scaling down the images and this has made things run a little faster!! Thanks! Will update here if I find another way to optimise it further. All the best, Matthew
  • Hi Eduard, Thanks for getting back to me. My "__pool__" folder is within the folder in which the experiment is located. I have also tried just having my files within the experiment folder (not within the "__pool__" folder) but th…
  • Hi Eduard, Sorry for late reply, I put hold on this project for a while and coming back to it now so completely forgot about this thread! So the experiment runs normally and it is accessing all the files as it should which is great. Except it is ve…
  • Hi all, I had the same problem as the OP and I created a folder in my experiment folder (also in dropbox) named "__pool__". I moved all the files over to this folder and OpenSesame is accessing these files all the same. Yet it still comes …
  • Hi, Sorry I have since found a solution to my problem above. I used a bit of python code in the 'run if' statement that has made things work. I created a sequence after the mousetrap response item that contained the three response pictures I wante…
  • Hi Pascal, Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the help and the link to the pre-print! I have managed to now assign the three different sections of my images to three different buttons. So now I am trying to run certain images that will appear if…
  • Thanks Sebastian....I didn't realise that I needed to use an inline_script item to do that! I have now placed the item at the start of the experiment and used similar code to Josh except I have 6 categories instead of 3. However, an error is now com…
  • Hi Josh, I am also very new to programming and OpenSesame. Where exactly do I put that code into the general script? Everytime I click apply it takes the code away so I assume I'm putting it in the wrong place. Best, Matthew