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Bug report for OS 2.9.1: Color of circle (sketchpad)

edited December 2014 in OpenSesame

Hi all,

I just wanted to report a bug in the current OpenSesame version (2.9.1).

When setting the color of a circle element on a sketchpad (e.g., to blue), the preview is correct. However, when running the experiment the color of the circle always corresponds to the Foreground Color of the experiment (e.g., black in my experiment).

This only occurs in the xpyriment back-end, when using legacy or psycho, everything is fine.

Below you find the script for my sketchpad.

Best regards,


set duration "keypress"
draw textline -224 -224 "Black circle" center=1 color="black" font_family="mono" font_size=18 font_bold="no" font_italic="no" html="yes" z_index=0 show_if="always"
draw textline 224 -224 "Blue circle" center=1 color="blue" font_family="mono" font_size=18 font_bold="no" font_italic="no" html="yes" z_index=0 show_if="always"
draw circle -224 -64 96 fill=0 color="black" penwidth=1 z_index=0 show_if="always"
draw circle 224 -64 96 fill=0 color="blue" penwidth=1 z_index=0 show_if="always"


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    Hi Pascal,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This was indeed a bug (#299), but it has been fixed as of 2.9.2~pre5. So if it's a problem for your experiment you can use this pre-release. Or switch to another back-end, because the issue is specific to the xpyriment back-end.


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    Hi Sebastiaan,
    thanks for taking care of the issue so quickly. It is currently not a problem for me as it only concerned an exemplary task in a workshop I am giving on OpenSesame.
    Best regards,

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    Your giving an OpenSesame workshop? Cool! Where, if I may ask?

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    I am working at the University of Mannheim, Germany. We have included a module on research techniques in our Master's programme. And as one of the options, I am giving a 4 day workshop on programming experiments in OpenSesame (with a short Python introduction). Besides, I am giving a similar workshop at the University of Koblenz-Landau.

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