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[open] Inserted items automatically linked

edited January 2016 in OpenSesame


I have an experiment where I display a picture along with a sound file for each trial. However, for the first six trials we decided that we needed to add an introduction picture beforehand for each. So in the experiment sequence, we added another loop for those first six trials, and inserted all of the components from the sidebar. But somehow, the loop is linked with the loop that was already in the experiment, so when I add the introduction sketchpad, it gets added into the main experiment loop as well, and then throws an error because the introduction variable is not present.

What is going on? Since the components were inserted from the sidebar there should be no linking involved - it's not even an unlinked copy. Only the individual script in the inside of each of the components was copied. Is there a way to un-link them? What am I doing wrong?

Thank you sincerely for any help!


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    Hi Leo,

    It's difficult to tell what's going on based on your description. Could you post the entire experiment script (for example to

    Cheers and happy 2016!

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