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[solved] Where can I download OpenSesame 2.9.7?

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I would like to download OpenSesame 2.9.7 to test if my experiments run better with that version.
(Because that was recommended to another person with a similar problem to mine.)
Unfortunately I can't find a download link for that version.
Sorry if this question is really stupid... but Google gave me only 4 pages of results and a download link wasn't among those so I thought I'd ask here because I have a bit of time pressure.
edit: Another question: Can I install (and use) OpenSesame 2.X and 3.X in parallel (not at the same time open)?
Thank you!


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    Hi Pia,

    The download link can be found here:

    I dont know whether you can run two versions simultaneously, if not, i guess you can always uninstall the 3.X version momentarily.

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    Hi Pia,

    To add to Knante's comment: you can run two versions simultaneously, but in order to do this you'll have to download the source code ( rather than the installer.

    The source code works completely the same - it's just that you have to locate opensesame.exe in the folder and open your experiment from there, rather than clicking on your experiment file directly (because the latter will try to open the experiment in the version installed on your computer).



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    Hold up--two things are being confused here.

    Running from source means that you set up your own Python environment, and use this to run OpenSesame, which is essentially just a set of Python scripts. This is for advanced users only.

    But you don't need to do this just to run two versions of OpenSesame. You can download the 'Windows no installation required (.zip)' file, which (as @Josh) says, you can simply extract and run by clicking on opensesame.exe.

    And old versions, by the way, can be downloaded from here (also listed under 'Older versions' on the download page!):

    There's much bigger issues in the world, I know. But I first have to take care of the world I know.

  • PiaPia
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    Thank you!!

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    Woops - apologies for the confusion!

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