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import OSC works in cmd, however import error in OpenSesame

edited April 2016 in OpenSesame

When I try to import OSC in the interpreter in cmd I get no errors however when I type the same thing in OpenSesame I get an import error: No module named OSC. The only difference I can see is version 2.7.3 in cmd and 2.7.10 in OpenSesame. Is this the problem? Anybody have a solution to get around this?
Here is an image of the cmd:
And here is the OpenSesame "debug window":


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    OpenSesame comes bundled with its own Python environment. So if you have a module or package installed in your regular Python environment, it is not automatically installed in OpenSesame's Python environment.

    However, you should probably be able to install this module by copying the correct folder/ file from your regular Python's Lib/site-packages folder to the OpenSesame program folder.

    Does that help at all?


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    Yes, after a bit of file management, I got the module installed.
    Many Thanks,

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