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Feedback to experimenter

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I have recently started using OpenSesame, and I've been very pleased so far! Our lab has previously been using Presentation, which has an option to display something on the experimenter's screen at the end of a block but not the participant's screen. For example, it would be helpful to check the participant's accuracy and reaction time after a training block. I know that these variables exist and can be used in the experiment; however, is there a way to display these variables only on an experimenter's screen?

Thank you for your help!


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    Hi KM,

    This is possible, but how this works depends on your monitor setup, and on the backend that you use. PsychoPy supports multiple monitors, so if you use the psycho backend you can make use of that. An example is provided by @Edwin here:

    The xpyriment and legacy backends don't support multiple monitors. However, if you have an 'extended desktop', you could create a window that simply spans both monitors. And then you draw the participant stimuli on one side of the window, and the experiment feedback on the other side.

    Hope this helps!


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