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Arduino over OpenSesame versions

Hi all,
I'm controlling AVR microcontroller that were manufactured by ATMEL, with OpenSesame version 2.8 (!). For some reason, when I'm trying to run the experiment on different versions of OpenSesame it doesn't work. Do anyone have an idea why it happens and how can I solve it?


  • Hi,

    How a program such as OpenSesame communicates with an Arduino depends entirely on how the Arduino is programmed. I'm guessing that an engineer programmed your Arduino and wrote a script in OpenSesame that requires v2.8 to communicate with the Arduino. But it's impossible to say more than that, because, as I said, you'd have to know the details of both the Arduino sketch and the OpenSesame script.

    Do you know who set this system up in the first place? He or she would be able to help you best.


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