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3.2.1 does not run offline on mac


we currently encounter a strange pattern. When opening OpenSesame with the Wifi switched off, the program opens and immediately quits unexpectedly. When WiFi is switched on on our device, the program has no problems whatsoever. This issue is new, i.e. came with the update I suppose. Any idea what is going on?



  • edited March 2018

    Hi Timo,

    To quote @sebastiaan :

    There are three extensions that do network stuff. All three can be disabled through Tools → Plug-in and extension manager.

    • OpenScienceFramework. However, this extension doesn't go online unless it remembers that you were logged in (right Daniel)? So I doubt that's it.
    • analytics. This sends a ping to Google Analytics to track usage, just like happens on a website.
    • update_checker. Checks for updates.

    Just a sanity check: If you start another large problem on 42 PCs at the same time, do you get the same trouble?

    If you switch them off, do you still get the error?
    Still, it shouldn't crash normally, even if those extensions are installed, but handle it somewhat more gracefully. Maybe you can make a bug report on github?


  • Indeed, it would be useful to know where the crash comes from, and it's probably one of these extensions. Could check them by disabling them one by one and let us know where the error lies?

  • Thank you for your reply. Disabling the extensions does apparently not change the problem.

  • What about disabling the help extension? That also uses internet connectivity to get the sitemap of the documentation.

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