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Touching a touchscreen is not detected

Hi Florian & Oliver,

I tried using Expyriment on a laptop with a touchscreen, and I have a problem - mouse.check_button_pressed() doesn't return true when I touch the screen, only when I move the finger on the screen.

I believe this is not an Expyriment issue but a pygame issue - I get the same problem when I try calling the pygame functions directly. But perhaps you are aware of this and know of a way to solve it?



  • Hi Dror,

    Pygame (and hence Expyriment) is not touchscreen aware. It only knows a mouse. Usually a single touch is emulated as a mouse click (this is at least the case on Android). On your device this is apparently not the case. I assume your touchscreen can be set up in a way to emulate a mouse though (you will lose multitouch though). We used Expyriment on an Elo touchscreen with mouse emulation before without any problems.


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