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Using variable repeat in loop object

When setting repeat to a variable (to for example vary the amount of trials over blocks), OSweb (OS 3.2.7 on mojave 10.14.3) will completely skip this loop. I've added a simple example.

I guess I could work around it somehow, but wasn't sure if this was a known issue.


  • Hi Robbert,

    Thanks for reporting this. It's clearly a bug. We'll release a maintenance release of OSWeb (1.3.1) soon to address these issues as they're coming in.



  • edited April 2019

    Robbert, you're one fire.. Thanks for testing the osweb module so extensively (and thus giving it a chance). An issue has been created at Github: You can keep track of the progress there. Feel free to (also) post your issues with osweb there, as it is our main issue tracker for the project.

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